Field Manager

  • Full Time
  • Sandton
  • Applications have closed

Primary Purpose of the Job

  • Manage and supervise waste sorters on-site and resolve daily issues to ensure efficiency
  • Maintain the agreed standards as per company training manual and ensure all waste streams are managed in the most effective, efficient and honest manner
  • Ability to communicate well with blue collar workers & senior managers
  • Preferably an EE candidate
  • Maturity: 26 -35 yrs
  • Operational waste management experience is a great advantage

Key Responsibilities


  • Manage and supervise appointed sites and sorters to ensure a high quality of service is offered, on-site, to our customers
  • Effectively and timeously manage problematic issues (customer and sorter), on site and implement necessary systems to alleviate any problems in the future
  • Ensure high quality A & B level calls are completed Monthly
  • Securing all collection notes and documentation from sites, ensuring all copies are distributed as  policy and delivering the copy to Head Office on a weekly basis
  • Compile weekly and pre-planning reports and submitting them to Ops manager every Thursday
  • Effectively use the Company Portal to manage and review customer waste streams and report variations/deviations to Ops Manager
  • Ensure all HR documentation is compliant and all procedures are followed
  • Ensure Health & safety procedures are followed daily/weekly on all our sites
  • Plan monthly/quarterly Waste Management meetings with all clients


Waste Streams

  • Acquire a solid understanding of each allocated site’s waste streams and quantities to ensure effective, efficient and productive procedures and practices are put in place to ensure minimum amount of waste is sent to landfill


  • Ensure, all housekeeping, dress code and waste management standards are adhered too as they are easily one of the most important aspects of Field Managers functions on site
  • Ensure ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards are understood and adhered to on site
  • All Health and Safety functions are carried out and all site files are up to date

Supervise Sorters

  • Set objectives for all employees
  • Ensure efficient and effective processes are implemented and followed by sorters
  • Develop and enhance job specifications continually for individual sites
  • Manage training and development of employees
  • Ensure employees continuously meet specified job requirements
  • Manage performance of sorters on a day-to-day basis
  • Report all out of ordinary issues timeously to Management
  • Implement necessary HR disciplinary measures i.e. disciplinary warnings

Customer Interaction & Communication

  • Continuous customer communication to take place every time you go to site
  • Add value to all customer interaction and ensuring continuous improvement of all standards
  • Communication to be followed up by e-mail if necessary
  • Quartley waste meetings to be held and to get Ops Manager to attend as many as possible
  • Inform client monthly of the sorter bonus incentive in place

Waste Partner Management

  • Ensure cordial and effective partner relationships are build and upheld
  • Monitor orders as per company portal with each client
  • Purchase Orders must be monitored and requested from client
  • All site specific quotes to be managed efficiently and effectively by Filed Manager
  • Monitor collection notes and that proper and honest procedures are followed by all waste partners
  • Report any issues timeously to Management


  • Always ensure that the vehicle assigned to you is kept clean and well maintained
  • Always ensure that the vehicle is serviced according to arrangement
  • Always submit your petrol card slips timelessly to the accounts department
  • Always keep the vehicle locked and parked away in a secure area
  • Report any issues timeously to Management

Day to Day Tasks

  • Ensure all sorters perform daily tasks as set out in the Sorters Schedule and maintain standards at the highest level possible
  • Monitor staff attendance and reporting to work of all waste sorters on allocated sites in your area
  • Manage replacement sorters urgently at sites where sorters have not arrived at work
  • Control and manage first line H.R matters e.g. Discipline and assisting in maintaining healthy labour relations
  • Precise and accurate communication with HR & SHEQ, Manager(s), departmental heads,  employees and sorters
  • Preplanning of A and B level calls to be documented and implemented on a monthly
  • Completion and sign-off of the ‘Level B Call Action List’ every second week in discussion with site sorter and to be submitted to the Operational Manager for discussion and analysis
  • As the company’s SHE Rep, completion of monthly safety checks at each site as prescribed within the company’s on-site Safety File
  • Accurate completion and submission of the “Sorters Monthly Score Card” (minimum of 3 submissions per sorter per month)
  • Conduct on-site stock takes of company assets as well as the processing of these via the company’s internal IT systems as directed by the Operations Manager
  • Directly responsible for the proper management, maintenance, transfer and replacement as and when needed of all allocated equipment/assets on site in a cost-effective manner
  • Liaising with appointed Waste Partner collection companies as and when required
  • Encourage and motivate staff to make suggestions on quality, safety and improvement of waste techniques, on your weekly/bi-weekly meetings
  • Ensure all waste staff take ownership and have an accountability and responsibility of all tasks they undertake
  • Ensure staff attends relevant training courses as and when identified and that necessary onsite training is identified and continually takes place monthly